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Compressed Air System & Machinery Parts.

Turbo Airtech can supply spare parts for almost any compressor in the market. From O’rings to Impellers & Pinions, we can supply any parts with OEM specifications.

Turbo Airtech Can supply plant machinery like Compressors, Dryers, Piping, Motors, Oil Filtration systems. We aim to be a single-source solution provider to customers.

Professional Services

Turbo Airtech can provide professional repairs, overhauls, installation supervision, shaft alignment, technical inspection, software loading, and update services.

Turbo Airtech can also provide Plant audit, Vibration analysis, Scada, and PLC system setup services on request.

                                  Our Story

Founded in 2018 by a team of centrifugal air compressor experts, Turbo Airtech has earned its position as one of the best global OEM aftermarket supplier of centrifugal air compressor parts and service. We provide comprehensive services, repairs, parts, and upgrades for Ingersoll-Rand®, Centac®, Cameron®, and Cooper® centrifugal air compressors.

Turbo Airtech provides aftermarket products such as Maestro Vantage® and Maestro Universal® System Controllers, Inlet Guide Vanes (IGV), compressor lubricant, and coolers. Our service team is OEM trained, and ready to serve you anywhere in the world. We hold the most extensive inventory of OEM equivalent centrifugal compressor cores, parts, and remanufactured compressor inventories.



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Guaranteed performance

OEM standard compressor parts uphold your system integrity, ensuring optimal performance

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Maximum uptime

Using the best Quality compressor parts and the correct oil increases your machine availability and lifetime.

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Improved efficiency

Reach optimal energy efficiency by upgrading key components

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Exchange and upgrades

Working conditions are hard for compressors and industrial machinery. After years of operation, it’s time to replace a motor or element; you can insert the newest technologies for even better performance and energy efficiency.

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