Air Compressor Monitoring System


Air Compressor Monitoring System

As manufacturing capacity increases, compressed air capacity needs to be expanded in order to support the increased demand. You can achieve this by upgrading the existing system to provide additional air capacity or by installing a separate system. The power consumption of an air compressor can be high even when it is idle. Additionally, old compressors can be inefficient. Because of this, they use more power.

All businesses are affected by rising energy costs, tough economic times, and the need to reduce costs. These factors are driving increased interest in energy reduction measures and technologies. Most industrial facilities are looking at ways to reduce their energy consumption by reducing their use of compressed air systems, a very expensive utility.

Monitor the following parameters of an air compressor to ensure that excessive power is not being consumed by it:

the on/off period,

the load/unload period i.e. the loading pattern,

the pressure using the pressure sensors,

the air flow (cfm) using the flow meter,

the humidity

the power consumption.

Furthermore, facility maintenance can perform preventative maintenance by monitoring these parameters by evaluating compressor performance through

control system & monitoring system.


Air Compressor Monitoring System

Application of Air Compressor Monitoring System

These criteria should be considered when determining the efficiency and power consumption of an air compressor:

An air compressor data logger with network capability that continuously logs and records air compressor parameters as well as taking multiple inputs for extensive data analysis

Easy-to-use data logger software, displaying and displaying parameters as they are measured by the data logger in form of graphs

Integrated active power meter with the ability to measure power (kilowatt-hours and megawatt-hours), voltage, and current

An air compressor temperature sensor measures the air compressor’s temperature value after each compression stage.

Each air compressor should be equipped with a pressure sensor that measures pressure per square inch

Each Compressed air system should have pressure sensor’s at utility point to measure pressure drops and estimating leakage.

In order to prevent condensation and prevent moisture from interfering with industrial processes, this sensor will measure the amount of water vapor within the air compressor.

Compressor on/off time for form a basis on compressor uptime w.r.t. air production.

Permanent Monitoring and Measuring of Compressed Air Systems

Over the course of several weeks or months, a permanent monitoring system can provide an extremely solid baseline. In addition, it can be used to examine and quantify data such as weekend leak rates, as well as different loads based on more detailed profiles of production days. A robust baseline profile allows an audit to better identify an array of corrective measures, such as storage changes, piping changes, control systems, or leak repair – and quantifying the ROI for each measure and prioritizing them with budgets or timelines.

When operating, installing, purchasing, or designing compressed air products, the main objective is to achieve optimal compressed air system performance defined by efficiency, reliability, and air quality. All stakeholders in the compressed air industry, from the air compressor manufacturer to the distributor to the end user, need to be aware of and work towards these goals.

Whether you’re in retail or manufacturing, compressed air is essential for your daily operations. You need equipment that meets your growing demands, since it’s probably the largest investment you’ll ever make.

By utilizing an advanced air system monitoring, logging and regular audits of your air equipment, you can determine if your air compressor is meeting those needs.

Your air compressor can be monitored in real-time with compressor services monitoring equipment. Business decisions can be made in a matter of seconds, and adjustments can be made for optimal performance.

Decide immediately how to optimize usage

Take measurements of humidity, temperature, pressure, and other important factors to determine energy efficiency

Perform output tests on individual compressors

Automatically sends warning notifications to cell phones using sms or email using internet

Achive advance automation based on specific plant demands using master controller, remote monitoring &

optimization strategies for compressors as well as for dryers.

You leave yourself vulnerable to unscheduled downtime and costly emergency repairs if you fail to monitor your air compressor system.

Monitors provide timely alerts when an abnormality occurs in the system that allows you to intervene before it reaches a critical level. A monitoring system eliminates the need to keep a logbook and manually record running hours and service requirements.

No longer is it necessary to do that burdensome job. You will never have to worry about your compressor again with Compressor Services’ monitoring software and maintenance program.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology at Turbo Airtech developed in the recent years, we can help you save money on compressed air and utility costs right away. Thanks to our advanced compressed air monitoring, you can respond in real time and prevent major failures.

We can design and implement a monitoring system that takes advantage of today’s cell phone, tablet, and computer technology. This will provide you with convenient readings of your compressed air usage. With a few clicks of the mouse, it’s easy to access this critical data.

With modern technology, you can ensure that your compressed air system is working optimally. Regulation systems are becoming more sophisticated and new solutions are being developed at a rapid pace. Now is the perfect time to discover what your business can achieve with advanced compressed air monitoring systems.

Our advanced monitoring solutions can help you improve the efficiency of your compressed air system! Contact us today to learn more!

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